Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Social Media Sabbatical

Those of you who've been following me online may have noticed my flurry of posts have dropped off for a couple months or so. No, I'm fine. But thanks for asking.

In part, the holidays played their role in terms of extra quality time with the family (which is super awesome) and preparing for said holidays. Throw in a few side projects that needed completion as well. All of which spelled trouble for keeping up my online presence. But that's not all.

The Real Reason For My Social Media Absence?

As my friend Tom would say, "I've been ramping up for the roll out." I've started work on a few of my own sites with a goal to have more up by the end of the year. So far I'm off to a solid start with my first four live. (Or at least in beta).

Quick access to all things Dave. Think of it less as a website and more of a modern business card. It's primary focus is an easy way to get in contact with me and to find me online.

I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit in a family that always had small businesses, either on the side or as their primary income. I've also noticed most websites don't address the IT needs and unique mindset of the small business owner and entrepreneur. Even when they do address a need, it's rarely presented from the entrepreneur's perspective. This is a void I hope to slowly fill.

My personal blog for anything that doesn't really fit anyplace else. I'm hoping to eventually have a dedicated site as a portfolio piece and split off my blog into its own section. But in the mean time this is what you get.

This is my labor of love. I've always had an artistic streak and my medium of choice over the years has been photography. I had a considerable portfolio started on, but their change in service had me looking for new hosting. Rather then risk being burned by another third party I decided to utilize my web development savvy to launch my own.

What's Next?

Hopefully more of the same. I hope to keep the sites updated regularly and more posts on the social media front. For better or worse, here goes nothin'.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bacon Candle - The Bacandle

I have to give credit where credit's due. I got the idea off for the homemade bacon candle. In order to take it one step further I made my own. Only this time mixed with traditional candle wax in order to make a true bacon scented candle.

Why would you make a bacon candle? Why would you not make a bacon candle? Actually, I needed a gift for an upcoming birthdays party and figured, "What would make a more manly present?" Lots of things, actually. Instead, my friends each get a bacon candle. (For pictures of the process, see below).

A quick trip to Michael's craft store where I was directed to the candle aisle. Who knew? I flipped through a few books they had for sale on candle making and surprisingly didn't find directions for animal fat candles. Not having any idea what I was doing I purchased what I thought would be the simplest and cheapest wax and wicks. My supplies in hand I headed home to begin.

I followed what I assumed were normal directions for making a candle. Never having made one before I had no idea how this was going to turn out. Would they smell horrible? Catch fire and burn the house down? Only one way to find out.

I rendered and strained bacon fat and set aside.

Next, I melted the wax and mixed with the bacon fat. Everything seems to have mixed well together so far.

Wicks in place I poured the fat-wax mixture into the mason jars.

It appeared an odd success. The kitchen smelled of bacon from the rendering process so I had to wait a few days to see what the outcome would be. Plus I wanted to make sure the candles set completely before lighting.

Verdict: Mixed success. Turns out I should have read the packages a little more closely. The wick was not recommended for the type of wax I used. The candles did not


  • 1/3 strained, rendered bacon fat
  • 2/3 candle wax
  • mason jars
  • wick's

The above made about 2 1/4 mason jar candles.